Dragon Boat racing is a long standing Chinese Tradition that has developed into a fast and furious water sport around the world.  In Australia, it is the fastest growing water sport with 22 people required to propel a boat from start to finish.

As a member of Dragon Boating WA Inc., the Denmark Dragon Boat Club since its incorporation in 2010 has been offering the opportunity for people of all ages 12 years and older to take part in an exciting team sport, to meet new people and enjoy a healthy social life. We’re always keen for new members regardless of background, age or paddling experience – please have a go.




Training - "Have A Go / Join Us"


Ongoing training is important – Let’s all put in a big effort for 2017


Riverside Club at 3 Morgan Street, Denmark

Sunday – 9:00am to 11:00am (Jan, Feb and March )

              9:30am to 11:30am  (Apr to Dec.)

Wednesday – 3:30pm to 5:15pm


Secretary/Head Coach - Maureen Cowdell (M:0409 411 066) &  Coach - Evelyn Wilkie (M:0407 430 422)


The World Is Our Oyster

Dragon Boating is a dynamic and exciting water sport, with representation in over 35 countries.  The fibreglass boats are just over 12m long, weighs about 255kg and holds a crew of 22 paddlers, which includes a sweep and drummer.

Competitive racing is welcomed at local, intra-state, inter-state and international levels.  Local and intra-state regattas are often held over distances of 200m and 500m.  Marathons are also held, taking in distances of 12km, 25km and sometimes 55kms.  Paddlers then have the opportunity to compete in the State Championships, Australian National Championships and/or the World Masters Games. 

Australia competes strongly on the international stage of World Championship events, which take place biennially.  This year the Australian Auroras crew will compete in China.  Our local club supported and encouraged junior paddlers to attend the Auroras selection campaign, which included a challenging fitness test and then a selection camp in Canberra, which in itself is a significant achievement.  Twenty-five Western Australia paddlers competed for a spot on the Aurora teams, eighteen were selected and one of two in the Under 16s team comes from the Denmark Dragon Boat Club. 


Secretary/Head Coach - Maureen Cowdell (M:0409 411 066) & Coach - Evelyn Wilkie (M:0407 430 422) 


Corporate Events

Corporate Dragon Boating events are an exciting way of motivating and/or building teams from all areas of a business/group.  A big part of the sports appeal is its ability to get everyone working together in a very short space of time, giving a real and lasting sense of individual achievement with team spirit.

We offer very flexible packages for corporate events; contact us to determine if a corporate day can be arranged.


Secretary/Head Coach - Maureen Cowdell (M:0409 411 066) & Coach - Evelyn Wilkie (M:0407 430 422)



WA’s Bunbury Regatta – Every Second Counts

Recently Mandurah, Albany & Denmark joined together at the Bunbury regatta creating a regional team called the “M.A.D” team.  M.A.D competed in the 200m x 10’s womens, 10’s mixed and 20’s womens.  In blustery conditions, the womens 10’s team had a time of 1.06 to improve on and over three heats did a fantastic job of shorterning their race time by 0.143 of a second.  The 10’s mixed had a time of  1.10 to improve on and over their three heats did an amazing job of shaving off 0.369 of a second - placing them first in their division.  The last three races go to “The M.A.D. womens 20’s” with a very fast target of  59.05 seconds.  We won all three races and overall had a very enjoyable day in Bunbury mixing with friends, having fun and of course, keeping fit.  



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